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Posted in hidden news on November 16th, 2014


Hidden is now a part of Traum.

We are ten.

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time flies.

New e-mail

Posted in hidden news on December 6th, 2013

You can from now on find us over here.


Posted in hidden news on October 24th, 2013

The älvtennis project is now live at Stigbergskajen and Sörhallsberget in Gothenburg. Go push the button.


Posted in hidden news on August 12th, 2013


We are now working with a public project for display in the Gothenburg harbour during October to December 2013. Älvtennis is a light game for physical activation and urban nourishment, connecting the two sides of the city split by the river Göta älv.

Hitting a button on your station switches on the light of the station on the other side, in a semi-virtual ping-pong game.